Just A Quick One

I’m thinking of starting a new blog. Why? Because I want to face the challenge of actually posting regularly, being creative, and I want to target a blog to an actual market. Will I keep this one? Probably not. I’ll update here when I do start the new blog, and save my commenter’s sites so I can still post on theirs.

In other news, I had an English Literature exam today. I think it went quite well.. or at least, I haven’t totally failed it. I remembered lots of quotes, go me!


Making Excuses

I was reading this post at Violent Acres about how annoying it is when people make excuses, and I realised that although I agree with her views, it’s very hard to not make excuses. Being honest with people is harder to do than it sounds, so I’m not quite as critical as her about it (although who knows, give me a few years and I could be!).

In a way it’s similar to when I find it hard to say ‘no’ to people when they ask me to do things. I hate to make an excuse that isn’t genuine, but it makes me feel awful to turn down going out to lunch with someone or helping someone just because I’d rather focus on myself, or I can’t really be bothered. But when I think about it, if I ask someone to come to lunch with me, I’m never offended if they say no. I might be offended if I find out their excuse of having to babysit or being ill was a lie, but if they’ve just politely declined because they’re busy it’s not a problem. So maybe I should put two and two together, and realise that telling the truth is a good thing, and I shouldn’t feel so pressured to say ‘yes’.

This can be applied for a lot of situations, including making excuses for mistakes. All you have to do is switch perspectives – imagine how you would feel if you were the other person. We all know how irritating it is to hear a flimsy excuse, so we should all try to stop making them, and either be honest or keep it to a simple ‘Sorry, I’ll not do it again’, or ‘Sorry, I can’t.’

Reduce Stress While Clothes Shopping

This is an idea I’ve had for a while now, and I thought it would be relevant to post it now since most people will be doing some form of shopping in the next few weeks. Even if you’re organised and have finished all of your Christmas shopping, I for one am looking forward to the yearly treat that is The January Sales. Yes, they deserve capitalisation.

Anyway, if you’re going out shopping for clothes, it can be quite a stressful experience, so here are a few of my tips to reduce the stress as much as possible.

Tip 1: Dress To Undress
If you’re planning on trying on clothes (which is always a good idea, especially if you have a quirkily shaped body like me), then it’s important to wear things you can take off and put back on easily. For me, that’s slip-on or easily removable shoes, not too tight trousers, and a loose top. Also (this is mainly for women) if you’re getting something specific, try to put on appropriate underwear, so you can see what the final look will be like. For example, if you want a prom dress, a strapless bra might be a good idea. Remember that if you’re trying on tops, your hair and makeup can be messed up, so bring a hairbrush and/or makeup to touch-up, if looking unruffled is important to you.

Tip 2: Ask For Help
Contrary to popular belief, shop assistants actually are there to help you. If you can’t find something, just ask – this can save a lot of time and frustration if you can’t find something in a particular size or colour. Shop assistants can be annoying if you don’t need help, but extremely useful if you do.

Tip 3: Plan Your Route
If you know your way around the shopping centre or city centre you’re going to, or can find a map of it, try to plan the order of which shops you’ll go to. It doesn’t have to be specific, and it can easily be changed, but I assure you that having to walk back to where you started because you forgot to visit a certain place doesn’t make your day better.

Tip 4: Don’t Lose Great Finds
Have you ever had the infuriating experience of finding a great item somewhere, but not being totally decided on it – then returning an hour later, cash in hand, and finding someone else has bought it? Well, one thing I’ve found is that most shops will keep an item behind their counter for you if you ask. All you need to do is go up to a shop assistant or someone on the till, and ask ‘Could you possibly keep this behind the counter for me?’ and then if they ask why, explain that you need to either get money out of the bank, or find a friend for their opinion on it, and they’ll probably agree. This can save a lot of the stress you can get, especially if there’s only one item in your size but you just can’t choose on the spot.

That’s all I could come up with for now – does anyone else have any advice for stress-busting techniques? I’d love to hear them.

I’m designed for warmer climates.

Today has reinforced on me something I’ve known for a long time: the weather in the North of England SUCKS. This afternoon I had an appointment at the hospital, so I had to walk for half an hour in the cold, wind and rain to get there. Eurgh. I plan on moving somewhere with nicer weather some time in the future – who said global warming was a bad thing, eh? We could do with a bit of it where I live!

Other than that, not a lot happened today. We had a bake sale at lunchtime at school, to raise money for the trip to New York I’m going on in March. It was pretty fun, and I got to eat cake, which is always a plus!

Questions and Answers

I found a new website I like, The Vox Question of the Day. I love memes and quizzes, as I find that I discover new things about myself that either I’d forgotten or I hadn’t realised. So, I decided I’d answer a few of the questions they have.

Do you tend to like music in particular genres, or are your tastes all over the place? What are your most and least favorite musical genres?
I like music from a selection of genres, but the main part of the music I like is rock. I like a lot of different sub-genres, like indie rock, punk, funk-rock, acoustic rock etc, and I’m awful at classifying music so I couldn’t tell you what some of the music I listen to is. I also enjoy music from musicals or movie soundtracks, some dance/hip-hop, some country, some jazz, and bits and pieces of other styles. My least favourite genre is dance/club music, I barely like any.

Ringtones: What’s yours and how often do you change it?
My ringtone is currently ‘Goodbye Mr. A’ by The Hoosiers. I very rarely change my ringtone, as I have very little music on my mobile, and I don’t use it much. I only change it if someone sends me a new song, or I get extremely bored of the one I have. I’ve had the current one for about a month.

Which TV show never “jumped the shark”?
The first show that comes to mind is Friends. To me, Friends never got out of hand, the plots were all believeable, but it was nonetheless hilarious and interesting right to the end. I watch reruns of Friends a lot, it’s still funny when you’ve seen the episode three times already. :)

What’s the best late-night TV talk show?
Friday Night with Jonathan Ross! I hardly ever get to see this, but I watch it when I can on YouTube. Jonathan always seems to get interesting people on the show, and he’s a great interviewer. I like his show about newly released films too.

That’s all for now, ciao!

English Language AS Level = awesome.

Today we spent forty minutes picking apart ONE SENTENCE. It sounds ridiculous, but I really enjoy it.

I’m actually enjoying all of my subjects this year – it’s so much better when you’re doing subjects you like and aren’t being forced to study. Let’s just say Chemistry is not my true calling. Plus the people are much nicer – you get more respect from teachers, and the students are all actually wanting to learn. Well, not all of them are currently, but in a few weeks there’s going to be a major kicking-out session for a few subjects, so that should improve things even more. The excitement of being able to skip the dinner queue still hasn’t worn off, either. Aaaah. Wonderful.