English Language AS Level = awesome.

Today we spent forty minutes picking apart ONE SENTENCE. It sounds ridiculous, but I really enjoy it.

I’m actually enjoying all of my subjects this year – it’s so much better when you’re doing subjects you like and aren’t being forced to study. Let’s just say Chemistry is not my true calling. Plus the people are much nicer – you get more respect from teachers, and the students are all actually wanting to learn. Well, not all of them are currently, but in a few weeks there’s going to be a major kicking-out session for a few subjects, so that should improve things even more. The excitement of being able to skip the dinner queue still hasn’t worn off, either. Aaaah. Wonderful.


1 Response to “English Language AS Level = awesome.”

  1. 1 claire November 21, 2007 at 11:37 pm

    “I’m actually enjoying all of my subjects this year”

    that’s more than I can say. how bout the elective of weight lifting is my hardest class this year but i guess that how senior yr of highschool goes. I take it you’re in college b/c I’ve never heard of a kicking-out session for highschool but I’d sure love it b/c my school would be so much more peaceful lol.

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