Questions and Answers

I found a new website I like, The Vox Question of the Day. I love memes and quizzes, as I find that I discover new things about myself that either I’d forgotten or I hadn’t realised. So, I decided I’d answer a few of the questions they have.

Do you tend to like music in particular genres, or are your tastes all over the place? What are your most and least favorite musical genres?
I like music from a selection of genres, but the main part of the music I like is rock. I like a lot of different sub-genres, like indie rock, punk, funk-rock, acoustic rock etc, and I’m awful at classifying music so I couldn’t tell you what some of the music I listen to is. I also enjoy music from musicals or movie soundtracks, some dance/hip-hop, some country, some jazz, and bits and pieces of other styles. My least favourite genre is dance/club music, I barely like any.

Ringtones: What’s yours and how often do you change it?
My ringtone is currently ‘Goodbye Mr. A’ by The Hoosiers. I very rarely change my ringtone, as I have very little music on my mobile, and I don’t use it much. I only change it if someone sends me a new song, or I get extremely bored of the one I have. I’ve had the current one for about a month.

Which TV show never “jumped the shark”?
The first show that comes to mind is Friends. To me, Friends never got out of hand, the plots were all believeable, but it was nonetheless hilarious and interesting right to the end. I watch reruns of Friends a lot, it’s still funny when you’ve seen the episode three times already. :)

What’s the best late-night TV talk show?
Friday Night with Jonathan Ross! I hardly ever get to see this, but I watch it when I can on YouTube. Jonathan always seems to get interesting people on the show, and he’s a great interviewer. I like his show about newly released films too.

That’s all for now, ciao!


1 Response to “Questions and Answers”

  1. 1 Becky November 21, 2007 at 9:10 pm

    Ooo that question site looks wicked, that’ll give me something to do in my boring Sunday blogs, thanks ^_^

    I like Jonathon Ross aswell, I never watch his shows on the fridays but usually end up watching them on the internet or on catch up tv, he does really good interviews :)

    Have fun at the McFly concert!! :D

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