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Making Excuses

I was reading this post at Violent Acres about how annoying it is when people make excuses, and I realised that although I agree with her views, it’s very hard to not make excuses. Being honest with people is harder to do than it sounds, so I’m not quite as critical as her about it (although who knows, give me a few years and I could be!).

In a way it’s similar to when I find it hard to say ‘no’ to people when they ask me to do things. I hate to make an excuse that isn’t genuine, but it makes me feel awful to turn down going out to lunch with someone or helping someone just because I’d rather focus on myself, or I can’t really be bothered. But when I think about it, if I ask someone to come to lunch with me, I’m never offended if they say no. I might be offended if I find out their excuse of having to babysit or being ill was a lie, but if they’ve just politely declined because they’re busy it’s not a problem. So maybe I should put two and two together, and realise that telling the truth is a good thing, and I shouldn’t feel so pressured to say ‘yes’.

This can be applied for a lot of situations, including making excuses for mistakes. All you have to do is switch perspectives – imagine how you would feel if you were the other person. We all know how irritating it is to hear a flimsy excuse, so we should all try to stop making them, and either be honest or keep it to a simple ‘Sorry, I’ll not do it again’, or ‘Sorry, I can’t.’


I’m designed for warmer climates.

Today has reinforced on me something I’ve known for a long time: the weather in the North of England SUCKS. This afternoon I had an appointment at the hospital, so I had to walk for half an hour in the cold, wind and rain to get there. Eurgh. I plan on moving somewhere with nicer weather some time in the future – who said global warming was a bad thing, eh? We could do with a bit of it where I live!

Other than that, not a lot happened today. We had a bake sale at lunchtime at school, to raise money for the trip to New York I’m going on in March. It was pretty fun, and I got to eat cake, which is always a plus!